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The overnights are nice. I like getting up with her and starting the day, making her breakfast and coffee. I just like that. It's hard for him though to wake up at home alone. It's not hard for me. Mind you, the waking up in the morning part is the only thing that changed. We still go out, come home, and fall asleep in each others arms. The only difference is that she gets up at 2am and goes home. I am every day in disbelief that her and I are still together, still growing stronger, and that it is working out in all our relationships. He dropped her off here the other day. They carpool occasionally and it made more sense that she just get a ride. He knew what neighborhood I live in but he didn't know it was the old polyamory house. That was a bit of a shock for him. Remember, they both had experiences here. He regularly slept with a married woman in my house. (long before I moved here) I knew this but the irony of it all is just hitting me now. It sounded like the irony hit him too when he saw where he was taking his wife.
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