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Originally Posted by Kraven View Post
...But how would you clarify to someone from an ignorant view point that poly is not some childish excuse for promiscuous behavior?
How do they 'clarify' that monogamy is not some childish justification for jealousy?

And since when is there anything wrong with being promiscuous?

Yes I realize a lot of people frown on it, but in my opinion that's their problem. Whether I choose to be promiscuous (in a safe way) is none of their concern.

What is your frame of reference? What is the standard? The majority of people may claim that monogamy is the standard and polyamory is an aberration. Nature and statistics related to cheating would disagree. The standard IS polyamory, or at least some level of promiscuity. Once you make that your frame of reference you have no need to rationalize it to anyone. They have to rationalize monogamy to you.

I don't have much tolerance or empathy for ignorance though...
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