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I posted in this thread a while back, but had to pipe up again when I read this:

(Also - Dude acquired a professional hot wax set-up, including both kinds of wax, then taught himself )

Originally Posted by Oldpolyman View Post
...These days the ladies are divided on this, Jo likes me hairy, and Marie likes me clean shaven, so I've compromised and leave my pubes hairy and shave everything else...
Dude has the same "problem" - I prefer "natural" fur down there on boys and Lotus prefers shaven. So he now keeps the mons pubis lightly trimmed and waxes the other bits (scrotum and base of the penis). I find that I prefer waxes to shaven as the hairs have their natural taper as they grow back instead of prickly, cut-off stubble.

(We both agree on the back-hair thing though - we teamed up and waxed his back...Have to do that more regularly!)

Lotus "helped" Dude wax me last night (i.e. she distracted me). Deal is - he can wax my pits and labia IF he also waxes my legs...Did I mention I HATE shaving my legs? ( MrS is in in charge of tweezering - nipples and eyebrows.) Then we waxed her armpits as a trial run. She was fine with it and hasn't had any problems today (she has sensitive skin). She says that next time she'll let him wax everything.

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Lotus: "it's complicated"
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