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It took me a while to write this all out, because I wanted to be sure I phrased everything Just So. Sorry for the delay.

I feel like I should point out that a person doesn't need to use slang or curse words to be aggressive and insulting. Personally, I found the way you talked to me to be unwarranted, seeing as nothing I said in this thread was meant as a personal attack towards anyone. In fact, I kind of tongue-in-cheek insulted MYSELF a few times... The entire point of my getting cuntalicious for a second was to try and show that sometimes the language I use is occasionally coarse. At first, I did feel personally stung by your commentary. But then I took a step back, and thought that it's entirely possible that you aren't USED to being around people like me: people who can speak intelligently AND use the word fuck. Perhaps YOU felt personally insulted by the way I spoke about myself and about life in general. I don't know, but that was not my intent.

I cuss. I use slang. A lot. And I understand that sometimes that gets in the way of people understanding the message I'm trying to bring across. But you know what? So what? In the end, I didn't come here to be a super-impressive person, to wow anyone, to change anyone, to move anyone. If all you can see in my posts is capslock and fuck (and parentheticals, don't forget those!) then that's unfortunate, but not earth shattering to me. It's okay to not like me. Really. I say that without sarcasm. It won't kill me, because in my short time here, I've met other people who do.

My interactions on this site, brief as they may have been, have been by and large incredibly positive. So while I appreciate the advice, I think I'm going to keep on doing what I've been doing: being myself, sharing my thoughts and feelings, in my own way.
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