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Originally Posted by KatTails View Post
Then, while him and I were out tonight, she sent him a few texts, and the negative feelings came back. When they are out together, I make a point NOT to text him, unless it is an emergency. Sure I would like to text him to tell him I love him or that I miss him - but I don't. I respect her and the time they spend together. I did text him today twice: once to see when he would be home so I knew if I had time to run out, and again because of something concerning the "lie" we had to tell our children as to where he was last night and this morning. That was it. He was gone 26 hours and I texted him twice. She is away from him for a few hours and texted him at least 4 times that I know. I can't imagine why she would need to. I have asked her in the past to please respect the little bit of time he is with me and the kids - she continues to text. This is when the anger and resentment started to set in. I don't like feeling like this. I don't want to feel like this. But this is a trigger for me. I have tried in the past to explain it to both of them - they don't understand why its a big deal. I do hope I get to the point that its not a trigger, but right now it is.

At times when this has happened in the past - I did get angry at him and we fought about it. I didn't do that tonight. I did make one comment when I saw him texting her back - I said "you're mine now." He explained that he was just answering her earlier texts. As far as I know there was no texting after this.

Kat, I have been here. At the beginning of the relationship between Kitten and Gator she was constantly calling and texting him. I couldn't get any private time with him and it used to hurt me that he didn't ensure we had some and piss me off to be honest that she didn't respect me enough to let me have some.

Gator and I understand each other on this now. Have done so for a long time. Kitten still doesn't seem to get it. I can be on a date with Tech and she'll call or text about just the smallest thing. She can be on a date with Gator and she still will call or text Tech or myself.

Most nights there is no problem with how much Gator and Kitten, or I and Tech, communicate. It is the date nights that matter to me. Those between any of the dyads. Here is why I think so...

...each dyad should have a special time together. A time when you give each other your undivided attention.
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