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Found an apartment (yay!). It's a little bit of a commute to work, about 20 minutes or so, but I can afford it, and it has some good amenities and is located in a fun neighborhood. I'm getting ridiculously excited to move in, get all my stuff settled, buy some new things to make my space my own. I can move in January 7th, so I have some time to pack, organize, and purge.

Things at the house are awkward. We're not mean to each other, or arguing, just really, really polite. We haven't told Kiddo yet, we want to wait until after the holidays. I did tell Kiddo's mom, though, because I was afraid she might see something on facebook. She wrote me the sweetest note back, and told me that she really wants me to continue having a relationship with Kiddo, that I've been a good influence in his life. Instant tears.

Luckily, I'm housesitting through the 29th of December, so it gives both Fly and I some breathing room. I'm feeling very positive about starting a new phase of my life, and am eager to start 2014! My resolution this year is to work on myself - my mental, emotional, and physical well-being are my priorities this year.

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