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Smile Like Reading about myself.

KT, where do I even begin. This is like reading about my own issues Right now.the only difference I am a mono married to a poly and I am included in threesomes every once in awhile that have gone well. But I feel for you with the jealousy and your ups and downs. These posts have been helpful to me as well. My husband is with a coworker right now. She is so very in love with him and he loves her to some extent back. It is hard and it has only been a couple of months for me. you say its been a year for you and you are still working through some issues. The fact that you said divorce is not an option really hit me. There are so many times I just want to give up. These posts, especially yours helps me realize I can't give up. He is my life and that would be like suicide in the worst way.
I lost it today over an issue that wasn't even her. I just feel like my emotions are always on the tip of the iceberg and very hard to control right now which makes our marriage very difficult. Is this normal to let your emtions run away? Any advice there? Thank you to KT for this post and all the reponses. They have helped more than her.

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