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Hey GG,Maca and LR !

GG:- I think Maca did a great job of an example of how that difference between best friend and SO can play out. I was struggling to find the right words for what is a subtle but critical difference.

It's really all in our mind and heart. When our love & concern for someone becomes deep enough they just "become" a priority. We no longer even think about it or analyze it. We just act - based on that inner instinct and connection of what is needed. What's the best that we can do.

It definitely IS a different way of thinking & living. The examples Maca used were great. If you think about what your reaction would be if it was your child (in some cases) then you know how to act - without even thinking. There really are no options.

So although I agree (and speak similarly often) that a deep, best, friendship contains MOST of the qualities that make for a successful love relationship and kind of form a minimum specification, there still remains that small, subtle and critical difference.

In your comparison and discussion about what anyone "else" might think, say or do regarding your choice of when and how to act, that is maybe where you can zone in on this difference and understand it.

When it comes to those we love - thoughts of others simply don't enter the thought process at all - let alone any discussion. We simply don't care ! We know what we NEED to do - and we just do it. Nothing else matters.

Maybe this is a breakthrough ? I see the seeds........

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