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I live with my husband in one country with kids and pets and a partridge in a pear tree. I see him every day unless I'm on a work trip.

My sweetie lives in another country and I make it a point to get up there for 4-5 days (including travel time, which is 4-8 hours each way depending on flights) every 2-3 months, depending on work and holidays.

Next year we'll move 'home' - ie. to the same country my sweetie is in - for a number of months, and airfare/travel time will go from $500 and 4-8 hours to a hundred bucks and a quick flight, which I'm really, really excited for. My husband and I are negotiating how that will work, but we're talking about every couple weeks going up there for a weekend or having him visit us so he can be more part of the family we have here.

However, after that we're off into the wilds again for another 2-3 years. Right now my Sweetie and I are at least in the same time zone as one another. Next time, I'll be 8ish hours off, and flights to and fro will be longer and much more expensive. I'm starting to reassess whether it's possible to have the relationship I want and the job/lifestyle that I have and mapping out my opportunities for off-ramps in the future that would let us spend more time in the same place, but that's a really tense and challenging conversation to have and we're hoping to delay it for a while and see how things grow.
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