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Originally Posted by Dana View Post
I'm confused about why everybody is jumping on the idea that the BF is somehow unbalanced or a bad guy. What did he do? He got hurt when she ranked her relationships and wants the option to know a child who *could* be his? I can't help but wonder if the gender here were (and could) somehow be transposed, if you would all feel the same way. For some people, a baby is a BIG DEAL. If some man were out there gestating a child that could be mine, I'd be very concerned with getting at the truth AND I'd want to know that child. Because he has a penis, he shouldn't care and he shouldn't get to care? Not cool.
If a man, came on here with the exact same set of core complaints of how the woman is trying to be controlling and manipulative. I would give the exact same advice. Kick her to the curb.

As for paternity. I leave my opinion out. Thats for a legal environment to decide. I do personally believe that paternal parents (both) should have a right and option to visit the child.

How that looks on paper and in their living location is up to courts.

Having the child should have absolutely 0 bearing on whether this person is good for a relationship.

I still say the man is a manipulative douche bag and should be kicked to the curb.
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