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I live with my husband, so I see him every day, but because we are both so busy with work and friends and other partners, we have to schedule date nights.. There's usually one or two nights a week where we are both home but doing our own stuff, and one night a week that is really date night, we like to go out for those because staying in usually means we end up doing our own stuff

I see my BF Brig once a week, this includes sleepover. MrBrown and I were on hiatus for a couple of months, but I'd say our average is about once every 5 weeks (dates include sleepovers about half of the time). Sometimes a brief coffee date in between.

I see Knight for drinks once every 2 months or so.

With the busy social life I have (lots of friends, and I like to meet people one on one) this makes for a very busy schedule, and the person who gets lost is mostly me, I really have to schedule date night with just me sometimes!
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