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Originally Posted by Azzy View Post
Ah, sorry, I wasn't sure what the rules were in this forum about potentially upsetting content and I didn't see a way to add "spoiler tags," so I tried to make that part highlight-only I got a talking-to from a mod about that on another forum once, so now I'm really cautious

Ah, I see. Yeah, I don't think that there is a rule against potentially upsetting content (you are allowed to swear and talk about sexual stuff/ including details) - and you did give a warning:

"The following content may be triggering to anyone who has dealt with a loved one's suicide."

All I knew was that I was confused and had to go back and figure out what I missed

I'm glad that all of you are seeking out the support and treatment that you each need. Some people need to withdraw when they are hurting and "lick their wounds" (me, for example) Others need people to reach out and draw them in...unless you really know a person it can be hard to discern what is healthiest for them.

Tend to yourself first. Then tend to your loved one's. Then you may be in a place that you can offer to tend for others....
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