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Thanks for sharing our excitement

I couldn't keep quiet about it, as my sister was the one who gave me the shots and my mother was the one who had to lend me her car, when Sward was gone working, everyone was asking if we succeeded. I told them after we had the first confirmation from my gynaecologist.

My mother was so sweet, she put the little white socks, which we used to break the news to them, over her fingers and pattered along my belly with them My BiL made some jokes about "Maybe there will be even more... what about quadruplets?" and started to whisper into our open windows "Quadruplets" everytime he passes My sister was a bit low-key, but has complete changed from that squirrelly and outgoing teen into a quiet and serious adult. I miss her old self a bit. My brother was totally excited, I was a bit surprised how happy he was for me/us and he topped my BiL even and wanted octuplets because that would be a racing team of his own ... while everyone was more or less pumped, my dad stayed quiet, but I saw that moved spark in his eyes and felt his heavy hand on my arm telling me not to be too full of expectation too soon.

He is right of course. We know that this is the early time of pregnancy and many things may happen still. But it was great to see everyone so overjoyed for our sake. Tomorrow is an important appointment. If everything is fine then, the risks get dialed down quite a notch and we will tell Sward's family at Christmas.

According to my sleep patterns, there have to be the desired octuplets inside of me, because I am sooo tired. I sleep almost all day, unfortunately I got ill as well and my hunger went down. I have lost almost 7 lbs since last week. I have to ask the doctor about this.

But overall we are doing fine. Wishing you a great Christmas, I may not have the time to check in before the Holidays again.
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