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My desire for Lobe is insane. I'm pretty much obsessed. I crave his touch, I miss his face, I want to talk with him all the time. Well, shit, I guess this is the fabled NRE.

I've been seeing him quite a bit, considering we don't live in the same city anymore. Last weekend he came to meet me in a different city (I was there for a friend's concert). Ah. So good. When we fuck, the world ends. I wanna hold hands and travel the world together.

How does this work?

Ocean's really mellow about it all. His concern seems to be with me. He keeps checking in on me that I'm getting enough solitude, that I'm not burning out.

Grotto, on the other hand, is struggling. He's having to process a lot, and he's very tender about things. We've had a rough few weeks. Triggering each other like mad. Seem to be coming through the worst of it now, though not sure.

I need to be more gentle with him.
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