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Default Triad relationship - one is long distance.

Hey there. My name's Pen. I'm female to male trans (so refer to me as "he", please) dating two wonderful transwomen. I'm engaged to one. Our girlfriend is sadly long distance - and by long distance I mean she's in a different country entirely.
Now, I'd love for her to move here of course, after she finishes up training, but I'm also torn because I don't want to put her in a situation where she's far from home and wants to go back, or feels uncomfortable and doesn't want to say because she went all this way for us.

Right now she's just going to visit for a while for about a month when she's able (probably around February) and I came here for ideas to keep her from feeling homesick and being open about whether or not she likes it here. I just want to make sure she's comfortable, but she's shy and doesn't always speak up if she's not feeling well. Thankfully everyone is open with each other but when it comes to something huge like uprooting yourself like that for a relationship, I just want to be as sure and cautious as possible.
Alternatively, am I overreacting or being too paranoid? Thanks all for reading.
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