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Default Weighing in


I'm sorry to hear how your relationship ended, and how you're feeling about it. I'm also proud of you for telling people outright that you were upset by people's vehement reactions to this thread.

Was I wrong? Should I just have not gone there with a 'monogamous' person? Maybe, but you never know unless you try, right?
You're right-- you never know unless you try, every damn time. One of my primaries had heard of poly but hadn't ever thought about trying it until we started fooling around-- now he lives with my fiance and I, and we're all talking about buying a house and having kids in a few years. Keep trying, NZ, and keep giving people the benefit of the doubt... There's a whole thread somewhere on this site about red flags, and you might read it if you want others' advice, but keep being honest and brave with your heart either way.

Coincidentally, RedPepper:
I am not so sure that a poly relationship can be considered a long term serious relationship when its ones first.
Twig, who just got his forum account a few weeks ago, is in exactly that boat. I'd certainly consider our relationship a "long term serious" one! RP, I know you probably didn't mean the statement harshly, but it certainly set my hackles!
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