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I met Kip yesterday, he said he really wanted to meet before the vacation.
Evasive and avoidant. I eventually had to say that I saw his profile online and knew he was dating. He tried to say that he had told me a while back. Erm no. He said he is chatting, sending pics, talking on the phone but hasn't met anyone yet in person. Interesting to note he blinks a lot when he is lying. He maintained that there isn't really anything to say at this point. It was quite obvious that he had no intention of telling me any thing at any point. He was very clear that he wanted to know what I was doing, who I was seeing etc. that we had full disclosure etc. He tried to turn the OKC back on me, by saying I didn't tell him I was going back online and had said I was giving it a break for a while. I couldn't deny that, but the order had been reading his emails and then doing it. I didn't admit I had done that, read the emails, I am lying by omission too.

The upshot is, I still want to do the swap in January, it is condoms all round, and this will probably be my last foray into multiple sex. I want to check it off my fuckit list. Self-serving behavior all round.

Then enough. I don't need either of them in my life.

I don't regret the experience of having meet them and learning what I have about poly and open relationships. I have read a vast amount of both online info and opinion and books. Learning is usually good.

I am reassessing what I am looking for and asking for in future relationships. While one should never say never, I think I am highly unlikely to see anyone married, has veto, has a 2 page list of relationship rules or lives with their parents/parents.

I am going to try some meet-up groups next year. My resolution is to work on talking to unfamiliar people in social settings. I might try a few poly meetings too.

Counseling is also on the list, but I am stuck until ex takes the kids regularly. That has been pushed out another week or so.

Internship class starts in 2 weeks. I have 1 year to finish the requirements, so that will keep me busy. I read the curriculum, it is extensive and time consuming, but very interesting. All good

And of course, I still have my 2 wonderful children, so excited to be spending Xmas Eve with them this year. We will be up at 6 opening presents and Skyping the family to share in it. They should be off to their Dad at around 10 am back at 6 ish. I plan to go and see the new Hobbit movie, all my friends are out of town so I will get a few hours to myself. Whoop Whoop
Me: mid 40s female.

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