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I like the idea of dating a mono person who ultimately wants a mono relationship with the understanding that when they meet that person, you'll transition to a friendship.

In reality, I don't think many mono partners would be cool with their partner and you still having a close relationship, especially because you'd still be poly and they'd be worried about their partner reverting to that relationship model and you, the person that offers it.

There's an expectation for people in relationships to have a certain distance with others just so everyone understands their relationship is platonic. Lots of people, even poly people, see no point of keeping up regular contact with an ex. Basically, mono normative culture wouldn't understand the friendship between ex partners who used to be in a poly relationship but now one has gone mono but still wants to be a close friend of their still poly ex. That takes a certain degree of out of the box thinking that I don't believe the average mono person has. Everyone is going to be telling newly mono person that they have to cut ties.
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