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A best friend can become a significant other, they don't stop being your best friend, but there ARE additional responsibilities and they are NOT any longer on the same level as other best friends.

Ariakas, Ourquad, Thank you.
I read your responses to my last post last night. Tears ran down my face, I felt the hugs-I thought Whistler was a little further away Ariakas, you must have really strong arms! I felt a shift in the weight of my heartache Ourquad as though even though it's still my heartache, I'm not alone in the emotion and that made it just a bit easier to carry the load.

I do love GG. I know he does love me. But there are intricacies about how one prioritizes their responsibilities that he and I clearly do not see eye to eye on.
I truly honestly believe that DUE to the way he chooses to react to anything I say-I can't explain it to him. It would be irresponsible and manipulative of me to do so.

It is IMPOSSIBLE to have a primary relationship with someone who feels that the level of RESPONSIBILITY between them and you is the same as their level of responsibility between them and their other best friends.

It is possible to have multiple relationships, but it's not possible to have SIGNIFICANT OTHERS AS PRIMARIES -imho.

I'm going to church. Wish me well.
A + O thank you again.
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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