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CB, welcome! I'm in a similar position (the pivot on the vee, with two primary men... and I'm engaged to one of them too!), lucky us!

I agree with GroundedSpirit that group housing is an easy, straightforward answer, and that acting like you're behaving normally can often be key to having people accept it. In our case, it's been even easier: we co-house with half a dozen people, so we don't need to explain to anyone how many of us are romantically entangled if we don't want to. Instead, we just talk about how cheap our rent is and that we buy groceries communally.

I'm guessing from the way you describe things that you can't imagine coming out of the closet to all of your parents. It's worth considering if you haven't thought about it-- my vee is lucky enough that we've been able to, and met with largely positive responses from our families. (It hasn't all been positive feedback, but I feel like it's been worth it.)

Keep sharing on here-- I'll see you around! (And feel free to PM me if you want to chat about anything at all...)
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