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Hmm, how did that HCG thing work out?

I started a diet on Sept 29 of this year and have lost about 18 lbs and gone down a size (or two) in pants. You can't trust women's clothing sizes! I am all over the map. I am back to wearing some of my smaller pants and shirts, let's just say that.

I'd lost 40 lbs when I was deciding to separate from my ex back in '08. Then I met miss pixi (who was a heavy smoker) and started smoking (it was a stressful time, divorce, and a mentally ill suicidal daughter).

Kept the weight down pretty well for a while, then it gradually started creeping up. miss p loves to cook for me, and really loves to add that butter to her sauces.

Then I quit smoking Sept 15 2012. Ended up gaining all the weight back again, +10 lbs. I was just too comfy with my life and my lovers.

But now I am motivated all over again, and am approximately halfway to my former lower weight. I've cut out sweet dessert type foods, bags of chips, eating less fat and sugar and sodium all around. Smaller portions of food, more salads, one glass of wine or beer a night instead of 2 or 3. I have increased my walking to 1/2 hr a day, and increased my pace too.

My knees were really hurting and they completely stopped hurting after I lost 15 lbs! That feels so great.

Funny thing is, miss p is enjoying my weight loss. Ginger liked me big and seemed almost disappointed I was losing... but I told him, don't worry! I am still an armful and will be even after I reach my goal. I do not plan to get skinny.
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