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LR and I did discuss that a best friend can be a significant other, like a sibling can also be a best friend, but they are also your sibling and have a different level of responsibility in your relationship that a best friend alone doesn't. I understand her point, but I don't feel the same way. To me, my best friends take presadent over my sibs because our relationship is closer. My best friends know me better than my sibs.
But does a S/O know someone better than a best friend?

In the last couple years, Maca has grown to know other things about LR that I don't. (choice) But for years before that, I knew her more, I understood her better, I was able to care for her in ways he could not (in some ways that is still the same), but only until we came out as poly was I ever her S/O.

To me it seemed that choosing to come out as a poly family meant that not noly were we all accepting each other and caring for each other in this relationship, but that now it was okay for LR/I to have the type of relationship we had been having behind closed doors. To me, nothing changed. I still loved Maca as I had prior, still felt about the kids as I always had, still loved LR as much and as deep as I always had. It was a change for Maca and his way of thinking, but for me, the biggest change was to be willing to open myself up to Maca where before I could not. And to participate in the same type of relationship w/ LR, where before I could not, at least not with his acceptance.

True love knows no bounds, I believe that fully. True love needs no promises either, although we still make them.

LR feels like she's losing her best friend, and I don't understand how or why she feels that way. I think there must have been this expectation that I didn't understand once we decided we were going to offically be BF/GF. I don't understand what I need to do or how I need to be that's different than I've ever been in our relationship, except stand up for what we've decided to be.

Thanks everyone, Happy Easter!
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