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That is what is killing me emotionally. I have been extremely clear and up front about the fact that I am feeling neglected. One night a week is ok, but I need more than that to sustain a relationship. And to feel kicked to the back burner during the holidays - it doesn't feel good. This is, of course, my first foray into poly, but from what everything I've read, it shouldn't be that I become the least important during holidays. That's a hallmark of unequal, bad poly. I am not looking to take over his family time - I have my own family's needs to consider - but I shouldn't feel marginalized and awful for wanting consideration and time together, right? I do take ownership of a lot of that - he doesn't say anything in anger or rudeness to make me feel less, it is more along the lines of I think he could be more reassuring and proactive on figuring the schedule out so I am not sitting around worried that he isn't going to be able to see me.

He is actually working things out today - or at least it sounds like it. He is going to go to lunch with me Monday (maybe) and then do an overnight either Friday or Saturday next week after Christmas. This will definitely make me feel much better.
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