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Originally Posted by WhatToDo View Post
Yeah, my girlfriend and her husband do the whole poly thing very well. Problem is all the other things that come with being married, kids, families and things of that nature. The relationship I can have with her is very limited.

At the end of the day I have to say that it is a relationship that isn't going anywhere.

I have to admit, reading this really broke my heart. I actually linked my bf to it right away and we had a long discussion about it. The LAST thing I would want is for him to feel that I am somehow holding him back or in a relationship that will go nowhere.

Also the stigma that a poly dating a mono is useless bothers me too. In the end, what bf and I came up with as far as a conclusion is that he doesnt' feel the same way. So at least there's that. Not all mono men feel like it's a relationship that will go nowhere. No, we won't be getting married and we won't be having kids together. Truth is, that's just because of where we both are right now. Anyone I date, male or female, won't be having kids with me.

He knows though, that I will be part of his life and will happily help and spoil his and his wife's kids! So yes, he will marry someone else, have kids with someone else, but that doesn't mean that OUR relationship will go nowhere! It means it's not THAT relationship.
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