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Originally Posted by EdibleStrange View Post
I want to love her because obviously, she DOES deserve love! BECAUSE HE LOVES HER!
I can't see how that works. Apply that to a woman in an abusive relationship who is in love with her abuser. I probably have a different take on the whole concept of people "deserving" anything though. I don't believe we are born with any rights as people. We are only born with rights as members of society. That's why we don't have the 'right' not to be affected by natural disasters, for example.

But society is our own ongoing construction. If you want part of that construction to be that everyone deserves love, then fine, have at 'er... My society would punish bitches like that.

Glad to hear of the progress though. Since you're not going to do things my way, I hope your way works out, and I hope you get to spend more time with your sweetie.
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