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Oh Azzy, that's horrible.

I assume Newbie is gone?

I am so sorry.


If you are in the US, try the Kink Aware Professionals (KAP):

I'm afraid I don't know of resources outside of the US.

Also, even if you can't find someone who advertises as kink/poly friendly, talk to someone anyway. A therapist who deals with LBGT issues is often a good bet to be willing to listen about kink and poly. This is tough stuff. Don't sort it out on your own.

Finally, another (((hug))) and a 'This was not your fault.'

I know you won't believe that last bit right now. But it is true.

Feel what you are feeling. Everyone feels guilt around a suicide. Everyone. Try not to get stuck there. This was not your fault.

Again, I am so sorry.
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