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Originally Posted by Spock View Post
You have too many negatives. What are you talking about?

Canceling negatives out gives us:
I wonder how many people who actually reject this: If they were afraid to declare that they are going to live a certain way just because it is acceptable to many other people

That's more or less basic human behavior; being afraid of social stigma and rejection. Are you saying, "I wonder how many people aren't afraid of social stigma and rejection"?

I posit as a WAG 1% of the population, maybe 5%. Everyone else does care because as a society there are in fact social mores and social laws and social values. You even use the term 'Family Values', implying you have social constraints too.
You understand my points, but your conclusions are mostly incorrect.~ In my thread "Family Values" I question the meaning and role of such words in U.S.A. society and media.~

Originally Posted by kdt26417 View Post
Re (from london):

Hmmm. Logic then dictates that you should ask this someone for their take on poly sometime before you actually bond with them. Does that help to narrow it down to some kind of a time frame?

That said, if it was me I'd mention in my profile that first of all I was poly, and secondly, that anyone interested should be willing to state early on what their take on poly is. Then they can't say I blindsided them when I ask them early on to state their position. If they've read my profile which, as we all know, if they haven't, they're probably not looking for much of a relationship anyway. Though maybe they can still score points if their messages are thoughtful enough.

I think it's reasonable knowing someone's position on poly before actually dating them, especially if interaction with them starts on OKC with messages going back and forth.

Re (from SchrodingersCat):

Sounds like an even better idea.

Some monogamous dates will be thinking, "This poly thing is just a phase that she'll outgrow when she sees how much better I love her." And then your responses meet up with their confirmation bias and they just become more and more sure of it. Which is how some monogamists become cowboys (or cowgirls). They are "rescuing" you from polyamory (and from a bad relationship). This type of thing is hard to weed out and you really have to stay on top of it.

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