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It's all an experiment (like the many different lifestyles we are trying out today) that will take atleast a generation or two to establish the new culture. Also it must be allowed to evolve at its own pace.

I see 'Intentional "Families/Communities" as just one of the possible alternative natural progressions. In the first generation since no members are expected to be related to each other the offspring born in the family will all be considered siblings who will have sexual interactions only with siblings of other similar families in the 2nd generation.

As marriages are increasingly viewed with disfavor, this could be an alternative of belonging to a family (with all its advantages as said in an earlier post) and yet leading a freer life as opposed to monogamous marriages (minus its evils - the traumas of separation and divorce). Also there is no need for everyone be part of this culture in any way. It is quite possible that there will be other movements either separate or growing out of this/similar idea which may be superior to what I have suggested.

Whether we like it or not things are moving towards greater freedom and equality; and consequent evolution of society as a whole.

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