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Originally Posted by EdibleStrange View Post
Lulz. I know. And I think thus far I've done a decent job. One of my current personal projects involved the use of 'I Lanugage' and using concrete examples of WHY I feel the way I feel and all that touchy feely jazz. I guess what I'm trying to say is that while I do that...I might suppliment that with phrases like 'touchy feely jazz' or far worse, simply because it's just how I talk. And I type how I talk. I used to be an actual writer, but the road my life has needed to go down has made me more akin to Hunter S. Thompson than Shakespeare. My words aren't always (usually) pretty, but goddammit...they are mine.
Well - a thought for you
Now I'm not one who abides much political correctness myself (as some know). However, there's also a point you have to acknowledge that if you are going to have any kind of beneficial interaction with another human being, you can't turn them off/away right at the git-go so much that you are ignored.

So developing a little bigger vocabulary and a little respect for others (and their limitations) is a skill that's needed to navigate in the world.

Good skill to work on. It's still your choice when to USE that skill - but lacking it leaves you out alone & cold and no options available.

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