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In looking at NRE I had to determine what was the key factor that constitutes that energy for me. I don’t feel it was love, passion, sex or communication…those are stronger than ever! For me it was visions of the future.

I had that feeling like this would never change and the future we want could not be denied because we love each other so much. I felt that I could overcome my differing approach to sexuality and intimate relationships by the sheer force of my love. This was my NRE.

I know things aren’t as simple or cast in stone. I know this will not be the same forever. I have come out of my “future” NRE. It took me weeks to realize what was happening. I was obsessed with debating things in my mind. I actually practiced what I would say to re-shape our relationship..I practiced what I would say to explain withdrawing my intimate love and worked on not losing the best and most trusted friend I have ever known. Eventually, with help from her husband's advice through her, I found a working approach. I live in the moment, only concerned with loving her as much as I can in every second and helping her family grow in any way I can. I think realistically now, and try to approach our relationship in a way that will be in both our best interests….for now it is living in the moment.

There is a huge adventure ahead of us in this life. My head is held high, eyes open and I am prepared to work at holding on to what we have…. but my head is no longer in the clouds. It is back on earth where the work is.

I love her boundlessly, without equal and with everything I have. I have learned from my NRE and now just need to focus on giving her as much love as she can handle

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