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Originally Posted by RichardInTN View Post
When asked for my race on a form of some kind, I always answer "Other" and then if there's a blank beside it, I write "human". When asked for my color, I say "white".

"Race" as a color is a dividing line amongst PEOPLE. There will come a day, one day when the answer to "Race?", from anyone, regardless of skin tone, will be "human". I hope to see it in my lifetime, but I don't think I'll live quite that long.

Kind of like I hope to see people's personal relationships (mono, poly, solo, gay, straight, bi) accepted by EVERYONE, worldwide, without question. It'll happen... eventually.
Race as a label or a color is an entirely too broad a brush when you're talking about individuals; it's akin to saying "Men are jerks".

Well, so are women. And kids. And polyamorists. And monogamists.

However, race isn't useless either. There are broad demographics that are important to know about. Redheads, most commonly of Irish descent, have specific differences in anesthetic needs.

Likewise there are measurable differences in response to various statins based on broad racial backgrounds (Hispanic, Black, Asian, White). The point is that if we look different, there may in fact be physical differences too.

What shouldn't be different is how you treat me, as a human, because I look different. Racism is entirely owned by the person acting and not the person of a specific race.
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