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Originally Posted by london View Post
Thing is, my relationship hell might be someone else's heaven. Even after I describe every aspect of that relationship model that I find hellish.
Correct, and those who feel the way you do will probably "like" your post. It's daunting for some to post with an unpopular opinion - this gives them an opportunity to weigh in and say "I support what you just said" without sticking their necks out too.

In other words, it gets the lurkers saying something too, without having to say anything at all.

If we have a "like" button or something similar, I'd rather go the FB route and not the Reddit route (where you can "downvote" something into oblivion). That type of thing (where you can then filter on how "hot" something is) can basically silence unpopular opinions.

(Although it too has its place, like Slashdot, where it's a more techie-related site)
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