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When a person stays with his/her mother, uncles and aunts, siblings and cousins, nephews and nieces there is tremendous moral, emotional and economic support that is hard to get in any other system. Coupled with this if he/she can with full freedom choose to have partners from members of similar other families, in whatever style be it casual or one-night-stands, FWB, swinging or polyamorous relationships - all being complementary, do not really matter or need to be slotted in a particular lifestyle.

Moreover one does not have to bother about pregnancy because of the strong support system; the family too grows and maybe with the best possible genes. Also, as there is no division of property, the families grow economically. As families have relatives and partners in all other families there is a life of maximum co-operation, selflessness, sense of belonging and concern for all.

Is this not an egalitarian and evolved society - the dream of all social reformers?

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