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Scared and worried right now. Wendigo hurt himself pretty badly at work today - got his hand caught in one of the machines. Runic Wolf helped keep him from going into shock and made sure that he found out where the EMT's were taking him so that we could let Pretty Lady know, but I had to call her since Runic Wolf didn't have the number, which meant I got to get a call at work that my boyfriend got his hand mangled in a machine. Thankfully there was some good news in that he didn't lost any fingers, had good circulation, and could feel and move his fingers when the EMT's arrived. Right now we could use all the prayers and healing thoughts people can muster. Not being his wife, there isn't a lot I can do, so I'm sitting here at home while Runic Wolf is out doing our Christmas Shopping.

On a personal note, I found out on Friday that I need to have my terminal ileum and part of my colon removed due to intensive scar tissue in my intestines. . . apparently I have Crohn's and didn't know it. My surgery is the end of next month, so Runic Wolf, Wendigo, and Runic Wolf's new girlfriend and I were supposed to be getting together to hang out this weekend since that will be the second operation I have scheduled next month. Merry Christmas to us.
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