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Originally Posted by kdt26417 View Post
Not sure how the Law distinguishes between that and some kind of romantic live-in situation, but maybe it has its own ways?
Yup, I got into a circular definition trying to sort that one out. "Conjugal" means "living together in common-law" and "common-law" means "living together in a conjugal relationship." *fp* Neither term is actually defined.

It seems that for any set of criteria you could specify, you could find thousands of couples who are legally married and don't meet the other criteria. Sex? Asexual or medical condition. Finances? Lots of married people keep separate finances. Childcare? Lots of families have a parent who is completely hands-off, not to mention all the couples without children.

This whole thread was prompted by a conversation I had with Auto and her husband. He told me about a couple friends they had. They were living together as roommates. One was gay, the other was the opposite sex. But they decided, hey! We can declare common-law and then we can get more for our student loans because we're a "family." Then at one point, the other one found someone she wanted to marry, and "divorced" the friend. The clincher is that her new husband moved in with them, to save on expenses. So because her "new husband" just moved in with her and her "old husband," student loans decided to invalidate the marriage and require him to repay the excess loans. I don't remember how it played out, I think he couldn't repay them and had to drop out of school.
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