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I'm a mutt. At least 2 Native American tribes, Irish, and what the family refers to as Black Dutch. I really wouldn't be surprised at anything that could pop up in my family tree. Predominately, my appearance is Irish. I identify personally as mixed, Irish/American Indian. For simplicity's sake I call myself white, mostly because I look freaking arian and no one believes the Native American. I don't really care, though my hubby does for some reason. He's rather defensive of my heritage. Go figure. What do I call decendents of Southern slaves? Southerners. lol When I'm trying to desribe someone I say Black or White, but believe it or not, I'm prone to forget it. "Minnie won't go there! Too many racist rednecks," will suddenly remind me that she is in fact black and that is in fact a bad bar for her to go to even if they do make the best margaritas on the Gulf Coast. I hate that, too. Why can't I take my friend to have a bomb 'rita just because some jerks are going to behave badly about her skin color?

My youngest child probably has it right. That person is brown, that person is tan, that person is white, I'm pink, and they are my best friends.
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