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Default Hi There,

My name is Faya, a single monogamous female from Europe. I myself am monogamous, but I have been in a relationship for two years with a polyman whom is married. His wife is poly too.

I have so many questions I cant find answers to, and speaking about this former relationship with friends is hard because they dont understand the polypart.

The break up took place very recently, I feel so heartbroken and I am looking for answers. It was a wonderfull but very bizar relationship, and the bizarro aspect had nothing to do with the polynature of the relationship, or so I think.

I'm looking for information and advice. Polyamory is not new to me, and I fully understand, accept and agree with the concept of it.I think it can be wonderfull.

Hoping to meet some friendly people here.

greetings Faya
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