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Default Mandatory post is MANDATORY!

Hi. I'm Strange.

This is something I said elsewhere on the forum...
I am a married female, and have been poly my entire life. I don't LIKE people. I really don't. I never JUST LIKE anyone. I either love them, dislike them, or don't care. Sometimes it feels like I'm going to boil over from the love I have in me. Sometimes I cry because I can't tell my heterosexual, monogamous, female friends (or, for that matter, my much older professors) JUST how much they mean to me. I live in fear of the people I love not knowing how much I love them.
And I would like to expound on that.

I am an introvert with a lot of love to give. Kind of ironic...I love loving other people, but when it comes to my own personal rechange time, I would rather read a book for a bit or blog or cook (alone!) than have cuddly lovey time. I want to give to the people I love; I want their lives to be better because of my presence. That may sound insecure. And I dunno...maybe it is. Is it insecure to want to make an impact on the lives of other people? I don't want to mean everything to everyone. But I would like to mean something to the people who mean everything to me.

Which, I suppose, brings me to the next fact about myself:
I talk too goddamn much. And I'm kind of acerbic when I do it. I try my best to be self aware and not-a-total-cunt, but sometimes, I slip up. It's not intentional. I work in kitchens. Telling someone to fuck off and die in a fire is slang for I LOVE YOU where I come from (Kitchen Hell...I come from Kitchen Hell)

If I get cuntalicious at you, I apologize. I'm not here to be destructive. I'm here to be constructive. Not just Here, the forum. Here, the world.

I'm here to be constructive.
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