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Originally Posted by Vixtoria View Post
Sorry, but I HAVE dealt with Child Protective Services, and it's not just about the child being safe. When I dealt with them, in a situation much like yours but monogamous, I was literally bullied. They kept hounding me about things and when my daughter brought me a toy with a ribbon frayed, I used scissors to cut it and handed it back. They wrote in their report about how I was shaking and brandishing scissors while upset. Well, I WAS upset, they were bullyign me! But I cut a freaking ribbon to stop it from fraying! Sorry, but you can't just assume that everyone is going to do their job, or do their best. Knowing youa re innocent is not enough anymore. Protect yourself, and if that means you may have to take a break from relationships, hopefully they will understand.
Agree 100%. Assume nothing! Evil minded exes will use anything against you and your child will suffer, end the relationships you have for now at least. No relationship is ever worth losing your child over, even if you are in the throws of NRE.

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