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Originally Posted by DrunkenPorcupine View Post
I don't control who I connect with and fall in love with. If they are poly, they're poly. If they're mono, they're mono.
Thank you! Up until I saw your post, I was legitimately confused! I'm not poly as a 'lifestyle' per se. I don't actively seek new relationships. I just kind of...fall in love. And then the people I love make me happy, and I make them happy, and we're all happy until we aren't anymore. Then we break up.

Sometimes, I'm only in love with one person. That doesn't make me monogamous. Sometimes, the person I'm currently with would like me to be with just them for the time being. That still doesn't make me (or them, for that matter!) monogamous. It's very similar to being bisexual, I think, in that I'm bisexual regardless of if I'm dating a woman or a man.

I'm poly all the time. Even if I'm dating one person. Even when I'm single. So how, without asking me, could anyone know that I'm poly? I don't carry a sign. And honestly? If some random dude/chick just...asked me that? Out of the blue? I'd be like "Worst. Pickup line. Ever." If you're interested in ME, then it doesn't matter who I love or who I fuck.


So what I'm really getting at is, I don't "approach" monogamous people any more or less than I approach poly people. I love who I love. That's all I know how to do.
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