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Default Idealist Poly Blog Part 8- John,Charles and Holland

I went out with a group on Thursday evening and Charles and Holland were part of the group. Holland wanted to leave early, but Charles wanted to stay, so he stayed and then he spent the night with me that night.

Thursday was the evening we had planned that I was going to introduce John to Charles and Holland. I have known John about 8 years, but I had not spoken to him for 8 months until a few weeks ago. I explained my lifestyle and asked if we could start seeing each other under the new conditions. He agreed.

But, Charles and Holland didn’t really like John on Thursday night. Part of the reason is that John had been out of town and had driven in (a 3 hour trip) to meet us out. On the other hand, we had been out eating and drinking for 3 hours together. He was kind of quiet and maybe didn’t really feel comfortable.....not in the same space. But, anyway….. we have a trip planned together (the 4 of us) next weekend. They have agreed to go ahead with the trip and see how it goes. I know how difficult John can be socially, but I have a great deal of respect for him and I trust him completely. So…..I’m a little nervous about it and I am having some regrets for mentioning the trip to John before Charles and Holland had a chance to meet him. I went to a movie and out to eat with Charles and Holland this evening. John was calling me and said “I would have met you guys” but I said, “Well it was a spur of the moment idea.” I really wanted to talk to them about John and they were honest to say that their first impression was that they did not feel compatibility with him, but they were willing to give it another try next weekend.

So.....that's what's going on and I hope everyone gets along next weekend!!! But, if not, I'll just see John seperately from Charles and Holland. This process has helped me to realize that I really like getting together with groups for socializing. And when everyone is compatible, it is really magical!!!
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