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I think one could adopt "a Mosuo manner" of handling kids and lineage, without changing the structure (such as it is) of polyamory itself. For instance, in more than one polyamorous home the adults pretty much share all the children and raise them as if each child were the offspring of every adult. Of course, to do this you kind of need the consent of the children, which is a whole other kettle of fish.

Re (from opalescent):
"As an aside, I wouldn't categorize the Mosuo as being polyamorous."
Yes I had occasion to re-think my previous statement. "Walking marriage" is rather NSA/FWB/one-night-stand-ish, and as such doesn't necessarily fall under the polyamory definition. Hmmm, are we then proposing to replace polyamory with walking marriage? Just curious.

"I would argue that the Mosuo are not 'non-monogamous' as we understand it."

Re: the definition of poly ... will vary as widely as the number of people asked. I'd personally lean towards, "The ability, inclination, and/or state of being in a romantic arrangement involving three or more adults, with the full knowledge and consent of all adults involved." This is based on five-going-on-six years of participating on poly forums. During that time, I've heard of variants as diverse as, "The ability to love any number of persons or things." But the majority of people I've conversed with seem to lean towards the "romantic (not necessarily sexual)/adults/knowledge/consent" definition.

I only refer to Wiktionary and Wikipedia as a starting point. I think the definition of polyamory has evolved, is evolving, and is far from universally agreed upon. It really takes time and experience to get a feel for where the word is generally at. (What is with me today and closing sentences with prepositions. I don't know.)
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