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Default Idealist Poly Blog Part 7- Fear of Being Trapped

During my years of therapy, I realized that I have a "fear of being trapped" when I'm in a relationship. This "trapped" feeling has come up in every monogamous relationship I've been in. I have chosen partners who are not possessive or jealous because I have known that I could not live with that. But no matter how much freedom I had, there would be an underlying feeling of being trapped and eventually it would create enough turmoil deep within me that it would affect my ability to love my partner and feel contentment in the relationship.

I have always thought that this was “my issue” and assumed that it was not necessarily a common thing that a lot of people are dealing with. But, now I’m not so sure and I wonder if this, or something like this is one of the things that lead people to have affairs and possibly one of the things that ends people up in the poly lifestyle.

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