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Originally Posted by kdt26417 View Post
In 1999, [I think it was Morning Glory] Zell-Ravenheart [the apparent originator of the word] was asked by the editor of the Oxford English Dictionary to provide a definition of the term (which the dictionary had not yet recognized; the words "polyamory, -ous, and -ist" were added to the OED in 2006). On their website, the Ravenhearts [Morning Glory and Oberon] shared their submission to the OED, which follows:

'The practice, state or ability of having more than one sexual loving relationship at the same time, with the full knowledge and consent of all partners involved.'
I find that definition sadly lacking, focused way too much on sex. Having, or even wanting to have, sex with anybody is not a requirement to be polyamorous.

While we're at the OED... it's fascinating how the definitions for polyamory differ between OED American English and OED British and World English. The former is far more spot on, IMO (and doesn't even mention sex at all), whereas the latter effectively makes swinging more or less synonymous with, or at least one specific form of, polyamory.
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