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Originally Posted by GalaGirl View Post
When was the last time an abusive person walked up and said "Hi! I'm an abusive person. Want to go out on a date with me?"

Just point blank like that? He probably fronted a good initial game. Cracks didn't show til later. *shrug*

It isn't her fault he's loopy. I say good for her -- 2 mos in and she's ready to bail before it gets crazier. Just needs help doing so.

There is the possibility that her husband knew there was something screwy going on and she ignored him, too.

She never elaborated:
We never set boundaries, which I know now we should have, as well as making our expectations clear. One thing is that my husband felt that he didn't like the guy and I he was insecure about me just up and leaving him. Even Though the whole time he kept telling me to go out with him and pretended to be happy because I was happy and excited. But then one night, 2 nights actually, he got drunk and kept sending hurtful awful texts to me and the guy I was dating. This guy, let's call him J, was very pissed off, for good reason, and tried to hash it out with H.
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