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Originally Posted by katniss93 View Post
We used condoms, I told him flat out that I was planning to have a family with my husband.
Then why did you say you didn't know who the father was? You're not helping the situation at all unless you can firmly assert that your husband is the father.

The problem I'm having is how controlling he is being and I don't think that is healthy for my family whether he is the father or not. Do I have any obligation to be with him if it is his kid despite his need to be in control and tell me how my husband isn't good enough for a family?
You have a legal obligation to him if he is the father, but no other obligation. Feel free to break up with him but don't expect any happy endings at this point. His need to be in control absolutely means you probably don't want to be with him.

Do I work it out with someone who tells me all he's done for me is wasted if I tell him when something's wrong. He gets so upset when I tell him about issues in our relationship that I'm too afraid to tell him how I feel.
Well, you have three problems to deal with, in no particular order now:
1) The relationship with your husband as outlined in your first thread
2) Your relationship with your BF, who wants to be a father
3) Your child, which you claim you don't know who the father is

And if I do break up with him and it is his kid should I let him be in the child's life regardless of the way he makes me feel in our relationship?
You don't really have a choice if he is legally the father.
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