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Originally Posted by Oldpolyman View Post
It's always been my wives, unless I was dating one then it was gf, but since we've been out it's wives, and they call me their husband!
Btw, it sort of ticks me off, I can call the ladies my gf's, mistresses, even my purple dinosaurs and nobody gets excited, but if I move the letters around and call them my wives, ppl around us go insane.
Usually whenever people get upset at anything to do with Marriage at all of OTHER people, it is because they themselves have a secret desire they are suppressing.~

For example, they might be thinking, "Damn, I really want two Wives, but what would people think of me?" or "I want to Marry a Man, but I'm afraid to admit that since I am a Man myself, what would people think of me?"~

It almost always comes down to, "but what would people think of me?": often people are afraid to be themselves because they are afraid of other people and how they might be treated.~

I call the people that I love and who love me to my "Lovers", because I like that word and I am using it properly.~ Any one who thinks this word automatically has negative connotations no matter who uses it is an ignorant person, an uneducated person, or is a fool to me.~
Love yourself, you are beautiful!~ ^_^

*Believe in yourself, you can do anything*!~ ^_^

Appreciate every thing, every thing is precious.~

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