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I read something yesterday that said that some years are years for questions and that other years are years for answers. Looking back over this year I think it has been a year of answers for me. I made a decision after my car accident last December that I was going to chose to really live and not just go through the motions.

As a result I am happier, healthier and more myself. The year hasn't been without it's bumps along the way but it hasn't come with regrets. One of the biggest learned is that there are no guarantees in this life, so when things are good drink it all in and when things aren't so good breathe through it and know that times will get better again.

One of the biggest things I'm choosing to work on now is to not hold things in when something has hurt me. It is better to say something to avoid resentments building. In the past I have just let it go to avoid making waves because I know I'll get over the particular incident. The thing is that if you don't talk about it it's likely to happen again and then all the little incidents that you think you were over build up and all come out at once.

The next thing to work on will be my comfort level with posting specifics about myself and my relationships here again. I have felt the need to cocoon myself over the past few months. It's felt way to vulnerable to expose any kind of feelings to anyone other than those nearest to me. I'm feeling a lot less raw now and maybe one day soon will be ready to post more.
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