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After chewing on this a bit yesterday, I think I should just put it down for a while (definitely until after the holidays) and let the subconscious work on it for a while. The issue's been there a while, so there's no urgency. I just managed to tie all the different pieces to an overall theme. Can't really complain about that. However, the holiday season, with yet another batch of snow today (that is seriously impacting my shopping time with my oldest daughter tonight, dammit), the fact that I haven't gotten Christmas cards out, or shopping even close to done, and scheduling other get-togethers and the like... yeah, this isn't the time. Best to let it settle until the stress goes down a bit. Like January.

On the plus side, P and I had a great night with his sister last night. Coffee (and dinner for me) at Panera with some great chitchat. It felt nice.

Wood stove is cranked in anticipation of a cold, snowy day. Half-day at work planned, since the snow is going to start in the late morning. Maybe some online Christmas shopping once I get home. And shoveling.
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