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You're quite welcome.

Since weekends ARE the only time you get together yes, she needs to let you guys have that time, period, end. She needs to respect that the two of you need your time to reconnect after a hectic week, connect with the kids as a family unit.

I have had the problem with 'our places' that he has taken others to. We've talked & it makes sense to reserve one place that is just for the two (or family unit) of you as your special place where neither of you takes another significant other. We have a restaurant that is just for the two of us we take someone there together, we don't take others there individually.

Keep talking in a non-confrontation manner, eventually your calmness & willingness to work through things will win out. Of course, you could always buy a nerf bat & use it as a clue-by-four to knock some sense into him, lol.

With gush time you can always give him a time frame of, say, an hour to tell you what he wants to tell you about their time together (within whatever limits you guys have set up) after that it is time for you and your family.

I've had the problem, too, have the feeling of them doing all the fun stuff while I get stuck with the boring, mundane, day to day stuff. We do have that but we also do manage to have some fun time together as well, it's just sometimes hard to see that. Sort of not being able to see the forest for the trees, you're too close to it so you don't see what's staring you in the face.
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